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Story of a dog: Rover the cavalier king

agosto 10, 2017

Story of a dog: Rover the cavalier king

Now that you’ve met me, it’s time to meet my dog Rover, an 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:


I know, he looks very serious and well behaved in that picture but, believe you me, he’s a little rascal! Rover has a personality all of his own. Unlike other Cavaliers, he’s a bit wary of strangers, he barks every time he goes out, when he’s excited or when he’s fed up with waiting. He also bark whenever I pay for whatever I’m buying in a shop: I think he’s convinced that I’m giving treats instead of money  to the storekeepers!

He seems very confident with shy dogs but as soon as he encounters more friendly and energetic dogs, he tries to either run away or blend in with his surroundings, trying not to be noticed! It’s actually quite funny to watch!

He has a true passion for Golden Retrievers, he likes them even more than dogs of his own breed. Every time we run into one during our daily walks, Rover starts wiggling his tails and can’t wait to be close enough to meet his new furry friend. I think he’d love to meet Cookie and Biscuit or Rusty.

Rover likes many things! He’s a big fan of prosciutto: he could be on the other side of the house, sleeping and snoring, but when you take out a single tiny piece of prosciutto, he’ll run across the whole house in a nanosecond to get to his fav food. He has a sensitive tummy though, so he can’t switch from one food to another very often but I’ll tell you more about his diet in another blog post!

Rover has loads of toys. Nevertheless, he tends to play with one toy at a time, until it’s shredded to pieces hehe… Sounds familiar? 🙂 His favorite toy is a stuffed animal in the shape of a raccoon. I believe the one he has right now is the second raccoon toy he has (you might imagine what happened to the first one).


From now on, I’ll be telling you more about Rover and how it is living with him! Stay tuned on the “frolicking” section of the blog! In the meanwhile, you can follow his adventures on Instagram.

How about you? Do you have a dog? I want to hear all about your furry friend!


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