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Cooking without limits: metric & imperial systems at hand

agosto 18, 2017

Cooking without limits: metric & imperial systems at hand

I love cooking! How about you? Even though I don’t cook very elaborate things all the time, I like to try out new recipes from all over the world. I mostly cook Italian food (and no, I don’t eat pasta every day!!!) but I love food from different countries: I have a very healthy appetite, what can I say!!!

Very often I find recipes on websites, blogs or books from the United States which means that all quantities are expressed in the imperial system and not in the metric one, the system that we use in Italy. When I choose to make a recipe that uses the imperial system, it definitely takes me more time to convert the quantities of each ingredient and to start cooking. You have to be extremely careful because if you convert the quantity of an ingredient incorrectly, you could ruin the whole recipe and that’s something that no one wants to happen.

The most difficult part of a recipe is converting the ingredients from the imperial system to the metric one: I find the “cups system” so complicated!!! But that’s probably just because I’m not used to it! 😅 Since I know there are plenty of people that are struggling with converting quantities, I thought I’d collect a series of useful links that can help you figure out how to convert recipes from the metric system to the imperial one and vice versa:

I hope this is helpful! 🙂 Don’t forget that in the savoring section of my blog you can find more recipes to try out!

Photo credits: http://bit.ly/2wi9Wxg

By the way, before I say goodbye, don’t forget to check out Pinterest where you can find plenty of other useful charts! Are you ready to start cooking? 😉

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