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The one and only item that all dogs want

settembre 8, 2017

The one and only item that all dogs want

Any dog owner around? This blog post is for you!  Today I’d like to talk about a product that has been very useful throughout summer and that I’m still using: the Beeztees Aventura portable drinking set for dogs. Please note that this post is not an ad, I’m just extremely enthusiastic about this product which I randomly bought in my local pet shop!

We all know how important it is to keep dogs hydrated all year round and especially during summer when the weather reaches high temperatures. I was at my local Zooplanet pet store to buy some dog food for Rover when I saw the Aventura portable drinking set on a shelf. I was quite intrigued as it was very different from regual dog water bottles which I already owned. How is it different? This trendy water bottle contains a silicone tray at the bottom of the bottle, which you can easily remove from the bottle so that it can serve as a water bowl for your dog to drink from. It also features a convenient screw cap that is actually attached to the bottle so you don’t rink losing it.

Let’s talk about its specifics: the bottle is 23 cm tall (9 inches), it comes in transparent blue (just like the one in the picture) and it contains approximately 900 ml (30 oz). My dog, Rover, really likes it!!! Before buying the Aventura portable water bottle we used a portable water dispenser (the rectangular kind) but Rover had trouble drinking properly from it, maybe because it was quite narrow. He didn’t really like it! Talking with other people it appears that other dogs, especially larger ones, had the same problem.

Fortunately the Aventura drinking dish is just like a regular bowl so it allows dogs to drink effortlessly without causing any water spillage. When I’m walking around with Rover and we stop for a water break, as soon as I take out the Aventura, Rover starts wiggling and can’t wait for me to put down the bowl and drink. Also, the cool thing about it is that I can just put the leftover water back in the bottle once he’s done drinking: with the other water dispenser it was rather difficult and most times I’d end up throwing the water away.

I told you how Rover likes this product, right? Well, here is how much he loves the Aventura water set! I placed the water bowl on the floor at home, as a test, and Rover just went for it!!! 😂

Let me tell you a little bit about the company that makes this product! It’s called Beeztees, a brand specialized in accessories not only for dogs but also cats, rodents, birds and fish. Their mission is “to make the lives of pets and their owners as nice and pleasant as possible”. The company was launched 45 years ago and sells its products all over the world. Beeztees places particular attention to the health, safety and reliability of all of their products, that is why the thoroughly test everything. They also renew they product range every year, offering more than 1.000 new items.

Want to give the Aventura portable drinking set a try? You can buy it here: And no, unfortuantely I don’t have any promo code to give you but honestly, it doesn’t cost too much and it’s a great investment! 😊

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