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10 festival essentials to pack this summer

agosto 8, 2017

10 festival essentials to pack this summer

By now you already know about my passion for music festivals. If you’re thinking about going to a music festival, looking for a great experience, you should be prepared and have with you all of the right essentials so that everything runs smoothly. Having been to quite a few festivals around Europe, I thought I’d share some tips so that you can have the best time ever!

Out of all the essentials, let’s start with the most important thing: money! If you want to save up some cash, make sure you purchase your ticket while the early bird options are still available. The same thing goes for booking your airplane tickets and accommodation. Especially for big festivals such as Primavera Sound, hotels and such tend to be all booked up in a very short time.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, take advantage of the earliest collection slots to pick up your festival pass in a timely fashion and avoid long queues. That way you have enough time to check out the area, browse the merchandise, have something to eat and drink and relax while you wait for the start of the festival. If ticket collection is available even in the days prior to the official beginning of the festival, collect your wristband in advance anyway: that way there you’ll avoig queuing and on opening day you’ll just have to head straight to the entrance.

Something that you might want to investigate before going to the festival is how you’re going to get back to your accommodation at night. Make sure you know what options are available to get to and from the festival. Going back to my experience at Primavera Sound, last year I never had trouble finding taxis during the nights in which the tube was not running but this year it was a complete nightmare, there were no taxis whatsoever. Fortunately, there were several busses going in the direction of my hotel! So, make sure you know how to get back home every night as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Anyway, time to get down to business! Here’s a list of 10 festival essentials:

  • A good pair of shoes
    You’ll be walking around a lot so make sure you stay comfy! I see a lot of people wearing Converse snickers but if it rains, your feet will be soaked so wear them at your own risk. I always wear my Adidas Stan Smith and I’ve never had a problem! So, choose your shoes wisely!
  • Timetable of all concerts and stages
    This can be in paper or also via app, if the festival has one. Still, I think it’s best to keep a paper version at hand as technology can sometimes fail you.
  • Portable hand sanitizer
    Most festival venues don’t have running water so it’s a good idea to carry around some hand sanitizer. The good thing is that nowadays they are available in different scents so you can choose the one you like the most. You can also buy a hand sanitizer holder, like the one you see in the picture beneath: you can simply attach it to your bag and forget all about it until you need to sanitize your hands. By the way, wet wipes work as well!
  • Tissues
    Another essential that you can’t do without is having a good packet of tissues at hand. You never know when you might have to blow your nose, need some extra napkins for your food, etc.
  • Eye drops
    If you wear contact lenses and you spend most day under the sun at a festival, you might want to have some eye drops with you for when your eyes get a bit too dry. Personally, I like Opti Free as a brand.
  • Sunglasses
    It can be pretty sunny during the summer so make sure you protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses, possibly with UV protection. How about these super cool Rayban sunglasses?
  • Portable phone charger
    Photos, videos, calls…You don’t want to remain without juice during a festival: can you imagine the drama of not being able to post that fantastic insta??? Just kidding! Nevertheless, being without power is not cool as you might lose your friends and the best way to locate them is of course by calling or texting them. One of my absolute essentials is to carry a fully charged power bank with me. You can find them as phone cases or as the one in the picture below, choose the one you prefer!
  • A sweater and a scarf
    I’m pretty sensitive to the cold so I always bring along a sweater or a long-sleeved t-shirt so that as soon as the sun goes down, I’m covered! I also carry a summer scarf that I can either use to sit on or to put around me if I’m too cold.
  • Band-aids
    Usually when you’re at a music festival you end up walking a lot so it’s always useful to have a few band-aids with you. I think it’s best to keep two kinds of band-aids with you: the Compeed kind for possible blisters on your feet, plus waterproof ones in case of need.
  • Bottle tops
    This is a personal option… At concerts they always take away bottle tops because they are afraid that people could throw full water bottles at others. At festivals, I prefer to stay hydrated with water so I find it very annoying not being able to close my water bottle, especially when you’re trying to keep trips to the bar at a minimum >> I prefer to buy 2 bottles of water at a time to avoid going back for more every two seconds. I keep a pair of spare water bottle tops in my purse so that I can still close my bottles and enjoy the concerts without worrying I might spill them. This is probably not the best advice but I know I won’t be throwing anything at others so it works for me.

Last but not least, depending on the weather, make sure you are well equipped in case of rain. Festival ticket, ID, cash and possible medication you’re taking: I assume you won’t be forgetting those, right??? Right! For what concerns food and drink, I imagine you’ll eat and drink at the festival so… You should be good to go!

Hopefully this list was helpful but still, let me know what your festival essentials are and keep an eye on the “jamming” section of the blog for more blog posts like this. 😉

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