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9 movies to watch, if you haven’t already

settembre 11, 2017

9 movies to watch, if you haven’t already

Those who know me, know I love going to the movies. Unfortunately this year I got caught up with different things and didn’t manage to go to the movie theater as much as I would have liked. Nevertheless, over the summer holidays I had the chance to make up for lost time and movies at the beautiful Cinema Sabrina.
I saw several movies, some that I missed in 2016 and others that came out this year. I actually liked all of them so if you haven’t seen them yet, here is my “must see” list of movies, in random order. By clicking on each title you’ll be able to see the relative movie trailer:

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
Well, of course I was going to mention this one and you know that I could go on for hours talking about it. This is the story of a US cruiser sank in the Pacific Ocean by a Japanese submarine. The survivors were left in the Ocean for almost 5 days without food and water, under the scorching sun and at the mercy of sharks. Of the 900 survivors, only 317 made it on the rescue boats. If you’re interested in the story of the USS Indianapolis, please check out my blog post as telling its story in just a few lines would be rather reductive.
May, 1940: 400.000 British soldiers are on the Dunkirk beach awaiting to be repatriated, surrounded and targeted by the German army. The commitment of the military ships as well as of the little civilian ships assured a victory in defeat. The movie is shot between the Dunkirk beach, the sea that Mr. Dawson is crossing to rescue the British troops and the sky where Spitfires are fighting against German bombers. What can I say, Mr. Nolan did it again! What an unbelievable movie!

In 2013, 29 years old Edward Snowden, an ex CIA employee and information technology consultant of the NSA, revealed sensitive information to The Guardian and to a film maker proving the existence of several mass surveillance programs allowing US Intelligence forces to illegally invade people’s privacy all over the world with the excuse of being for security reasons. Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers an amazing performance. Did I mention it was filmed by Oliver Stone? By the way, I must confess, after seeing this movie I’ve blocked my Mac’s webcam! You can never be too sure…

Baby Driver
Baby is a young and skilled driver. After robbing Doc (Kevin Spacey), a criminal, he is obliged to drive the cars used for robberies organized by Doc as to pay back his debt. Due to a car accident that happened when Baby was a child, he is left with tinnitus so to cover the noise he hears, he always listens to his iPod, hence the great soundtrack that will accompany the viewer throughout the movie. Will Baby manage to start a new life with his love interest?

Let me start by saying that this movie was filmed by Clint Eastwood. The story is based on true events: on January 2009 pilot Sullenberger, known as Sully, managed to successfully land a US Airways airplane on the Hudson river after both engines were damaged by a storm of birds thus saving everyone on board. Hailed as a hero by the people he had to undergo investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board. A working class hero against corporate powers: how will it end? Well, you probably know by now! 😉

A Hologram for the King [Italian title: Aspettando il Re]
Based on a Dave Eggars book, the movie recounts the story of Alan Clay an American businessman (portrayed by Tom Hanks) whose life is going south: he lost his house, his marriage, his father’s respect, doesn’t know how to pay for his daughter’s tuition and is troubled by his decision to close down the American factory he was running in favor of a Chinese offshoring which didn’t actually results in a positive outcome. He takes on another job in a company that sells hologram teleconference systems and goes to Saudi Arabia to sell to the king. This experience will change his life.

The Whole Truth [Italian title: Una Doppia Verità]
Ramsay, a lawyer, has to defend Mike, Loretta Lassiter’s son, from the accusation of having killed his father Boone. Even though Ramsay is a family friend, Mike refuses to talk to him, even when all evidence points the finger against him. Ramsay is obliged to improvise in court, trying to gather useful information to defend Mike. This is a movie with several plot twists with a great cast: Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger and Jim Belushi. Even though the story line is very good, I thought it could have been a bit more captivating but still, a good movie. By the way, between Keanu and Renée I can’t tell who got more fillers done…

Going In Style [Italian title: Insospettabili Sospetti]
After learning that their bank uses their retirement money to cover the insurance of the company they have worked for all their lives, three long-standing friends decide to rob it with the help and training of a local criminal. A great comedy with a stellar cast: Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin as the three friends and Matt Dillon as the detective.

The History of Love [Italian title: La Storia dell’Amore]
Based on Nicole Krauss’ book, The History of Love recounts the story of  Leo, Bruno, Zvi and Alma, which takes place in a Jewish village in Poland during WWII. To avoid the Nazi, Alma is sent by her father to the USA but not after begging Leo to join her. She asks him to write her letters in which, each time, he should include a chapter of the book he’s writing. The book focuses on their romance. Leo does so but somehow the book is stolen and published. At the same time, we are introduced to another character, that of a 15 years old Alma living in 2006 and aiming to be the “most loved woman in the world”. The movie is quite long and the story can get a bit complicated at times but if you are patient enough, it is honestly worth watching. When I saw it, we were only a few people at the cinema and when the film ended we kind of lingered at the movie theater to discuss and exchange opinions about it, a lovely encounter among strangers!

So, which movies have you seen lately and which ones do you recommend seeing?



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