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5 music festivals worth attending around Europe

agosto 4, 2017

5 music festivals worth attending around Europe

I don’t know about you but I looooove music and I enjoy going to music festivals even more!

The first music festival I’ve ever been to abroad was in 2014 when I went to Optimus Alive (it’s now called  Nos Alive) at Passeio Maritimo De Alges in Portugal. I’ve been to several music festivals in Italy (i.e. Ypsigrock, Club2Club, MiAmi, Un Altro Festival, Milano City Sound, Lucca Summer Festival just to mention a few) but for one reason or another they never really measure up to the festival experiences I’ve had abroad.

So by now you might have grasped that I don’t mind traveling abroad to go to concerts and music festivals, I find it pretty exciting. Sometimes certain bands don’t come to Milan, other times I just take the chance to organize a nice gateway to a place I want to visit, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Time to get down to business! Here’s a list of 5 music festivals you might wanna check out!

Longlake Festival – Lugano
Concerts at Parco Ciani are amazing as they take place in a clearing with trees adorned with small lights. The crowd is very chilled and the atmosphere is magical, it feels like being in an enchanted forest. Unfortunately, I’ve only had the chance to see one act, still I very much enjoyed it.

Best for: chilled mood.
Minus: can be even a little too quiet (for my taste).

Photo credits: Longlake Lugano Festival Facebook Page

Primavera Sound – Barcelona
I love Primavera! Aside from the fact that Barcelona is a beautiful and fun city, the location of the festival is great with some stages overlooking the sea. Every year they offer an amazing line up, with lots of great acts from around the world.  The crowd is not too crazy and the ambience is extremely relaxed, all smiles and laughs. For what concerns food there are plenty of choices including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to make everyone happy. Depending on which area of the festival you are, you’ll find different kind of bathrooms, some nicer than the regular portaloos.

Best for: location, line-up, the crowd and the overall services for the festival goers.
Minus: most hand sanitizers containers were empty. Other than that I can’t think of anything else!

Photo credits: Eric Pàmies

British Summer Time Hyde Park – London
I opted for the VIP option on two separate occasions: the setting was extremely nice with lots of lounge chairs and spots where you could sit down and have a drink (or eat) in the shade. There are a few food options but the variety is pretty limited compared to the one available in the general attendance area where, by the way, there are plenty of other things to do (i.e. carousel, etc). So, overall the VIP section is a very nice area to lounge in but unless you have a terrace ticket, you won’t be able to see the acts  from the garden area located on the side and behind the stage. On another note, a special mention goes to the bathrooms in the VIP section (don’t laugh!!!): they were super clean, had lights, mirrors, branded liquid soap and hand lotion.

Best for: the setting and the lounge chairs, the toilets.
Minus: British weather, the view (or should I say the lack of view) of the stage from the VIP section.

Photo credits: Jordan Curtis Hughes

Lollapalooza Berlin
I must admit that the only reason I went to this festival was actually to see Kings of Leon live hehe…There were a couple of other interesting acts but I had already seen most of them at Primavera. The area of the concert was huge, this year they changed the location though so mind that these comments concern last year’s edition. The area was grassless and covered in brown dust: with all of the people walking and jumping around the dust lifted and covered everyone from head to toes. Plus it was so hot that the dust really stuck on!!! Food wise, there were plenty of options to satisfy everyone.

Best for: the lineup can be pretty amazing, the food choice.
Minus: the location: they changed location this year so hopefully it’s going to better than last year’s. It was way too dusty, people were covered in dust from head to toes.

Photo credits: Stephan Flad

Zürich OpenAir
I feel this festival is just the right size and offers the right number of acts. On top of this, Zürich OpenAir implements a cashless system which is simply great. The system is extremely simple: you top up your account with money and at the festival you’re given a bracelet which has a plastic plate on it, connected to your account so whenever you feel like buying something they’ll just scan it and take the correct amount of money off of it. That way you don’t have to handle cash on the premises as all purchases are done electronically. Last year I bought the general admission pass while this year I’ll be doing the VIP one so I’ll get back to you on the experience 😉

Best for: the overall ambience, the cashless system.
Minus: their communication: unlike Lollapalooza Berlin that communicates in German and English, ZOA’s newsletters and social media communication is all not even in German, it’s in Swiss German!!!! For someone that doesn’t speak German it’s a hassle to always have to translate newsletters and such with Google which, by the way, doesn’t include Swiss German so it won’t translate everything precisely.

Photo credits: Eduard Meltzer

Which music festivals have you been to? Let me know! 🙂

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